Next Steps in Absolute Prohibition

Some of us have been meeting in Google Hangouts to discuss next steps.  If you support the absolute prohibition of involuntary commitment and involuntary treatment, you are welcome to participate in sharing information and exploring strategies. Please contact for details.

We are planning to post additional materials on this site about good practices in law reform and alternatives, and about projects at national level and otherwise that we are involved in, related to the aim of absolute prohibition.

8 thoughts on “Next Steps in Absolute Prohibition”

    1. Peter Gøtzsche wrote a piece for the Absolute Prohibition campaign which you can read also. Many lawyers, activists and researchers are contributing to these goals, I invite you to become acquainted with all of them.


  1. The failure of emancipation proclamation was due to its ignoring the human rights of slaves. Freedom to die, be exploited, marginalized. Human rights include all homo-sapiens regardless of race, age, or health/fitness. Until these issues are dealt with children will remain the property of their government and that government can do what ever it deems is in the (best interest) of that child. USA currently does not include persons under 18 in its bill of rights. CPS and courts do that for their (own protection)


  2. It is an absolute necessity to prohibit forced psychiatric treatment and intervention both in the mental health system and in our communities.The damages done are long time suffering, never finding any relief to conditions induced by real traumas and a lost of credibility for a life time. The choice of the intervention have to be broad and in anyway prescribed by this system based on oppression and that takes away the fundamental rights of a citizen.


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