Art for Absolute Prohibition

Jules Malleus




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Initially NO



more blogging to stop forced psychiatry at and


Ronda E Richardson



Open Letter 


Jolijn Santegoeds



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Anti-iso-pop * psychiatric doll

My psychiatric doll – forced treatments. This is my doll. She is representing my story when I was forced into psychiatry at age 16. I was suicidal, and they said I was “dangerous to myself and it was for my own best interest to be locked up and protected from my self harm”. But I didn’t want to live like that. The horrific treatments only made me feel more depressed, unwelcome, problematic, lonely, misunderstood and more suicidal. It became a circle of suicide attempts and coercion. They were just fighting the symptoms, and instead of reducing my suicidal feelings, it only made it worse. This went on for almost 2 years. After all, I got out (due to luck, when neglect was discovered). A few years later I became a human rights activist. I just can’t accept to be treated like that, or others being treated like that. It’s very wrong! Forced psychiatric treatment should be abolished. Care should benefit it’s users. Coercion is not increasing wellbeing, and therefore coercion has got nothing to do with mental health care.


Lucilaele Lopez

History. Fragments of Stories. Mixed technique, acrylic and ink on canvas, 1 x 0.80