Free Garth Daniels arbitrary detention & torture spanning 20 years for refusing to consent to psychiatrists’ violent, cruel exploitation

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Garth Daniels
What actor will play him 20 years from now
In a movie that looks back on our government’s violations
In disgust and despair at how a society could go so wrong
As to destroy the life of a man in his prime.

Garth Daniels – what did he do?
He took a brick and threw it over a low fence –
It hit nothing and hurt no one
For that – the punishment still lasts.
The arbitrary detention and torture spanning 20 years
But – what did he do? He once smoked –
A small amount of marijuana
And chucked a brick over a boundary, hardly really a fence,
Which hit nothing and hurt no one
And Garth could see well enough over the boundary
That he knew he wouldn’t harm anyone or anything.

Youthful Garth was assessed by psychiatrists
His parents thinking to assist
Him to recognise the seriousness
Of trying illicit drugs
That are now being touted as medicinal
And are decriminalised in some parts of the country,
A country called Australia, that Garth has lived in since 5,
When his parents moved away
From another country’s apartheid.

A disease, the treating team said,
Your son has a disease – it must be treated,
Otherwise you don’t know what he might do.
You don’t know, but it’ll get worse
If left untreated, the disease –
That makes a person unknown and unknowable –
A disease of a particular nature
Such that it cannot be physically detected
Nor can it be isolated
It is not a contagion
And it cannot be cured
But – the psychiatrists say – we hope
That we may one day isolate the gene that causes it.

Garth and his family did not agree with this nebulous gene
That did not exist as a physical thing, except in a theory –
But the psychiatrists used the Mental Health legislation
To force a public health order on Garth.

They took him in his prime, and murdered his potential
With their invasive, cruel experiments,
Their theories of genetic disposition –
Upon Garth Daniels, whose family had suffered that
In the other country that had an apartheid.

What does it take for people to believe
The authorities that exploit so violently and cruelly?
What does it take to excuse
The horrendously violent exploitation
Inflicted on people through Mental Health legislation?
What does it take to recognise
Those millions of citizens forced into being laboratory specimens?
What does it take for a population to be indoctrinated
By propaganda into believing violence is benevolence?

Not okay with your RUOK programs
That get a person to open up about their feelings
So they can be exploited forcibly for human research.
Not okay with whitecoterie dangling suicides for Mental Health funding
Not okay with whitecoterie dangling the despair of farmer’s drought –
To expand their marketing of pharmaceutical products
So Bayer and their vices can get into more of the food bowl
And contaminate it with the trademarked toxic plants.

Think of Garth, he’s been electrocuted 150 times
What for? Exploitation. That’s what for.
Human research is very lucrative.
Think of Garth, he’s been subjected to massive doses of toxins
That shut down his nervous system.
What for? To cause iatrogenic harm – so that harm can be treated
In the same way that whitecoats do in animal laboratories.
Think of Garth tied to a bed for 69 days straight
And the violations continue their what for…
Yet have not broken him down yet, into subservience.
Garth does not consent, will not consent
To these violations, no matter how many times he’s told
To agree psychiatrists’ violations are good for him.

Drug mules caught in countries
That impose penalties for traffickers
Get given support from lawyers, journalists –
The Prime Minister of Australia intervenes,
Amnesty International comes to the rescue
To fight the penalties they’re condemned to
That they knew they were risking when they did the crime.
Garth’s family gets no such assistance
To fight the psychiatrists that subject Garth to torture,
Garth is locked in isolation 23 hours a day
Without a pencil or piece of paper, without a crayon
Or paint, or phone, a book, or a guitar
While drug traffickers got to paint their time away,
Garth was drugged up and denied any human kindness,
Treated like a specimen, a thing in a laboratory –
To be observed and tested for bio-chemical research.

Currently in isolation 23 hours a day –
His family are not permitted to visit,
They are told they are also being punished
For – speaking a language other than English
Which is an unjust law in a facility in a country
Where English is an imposed unjust language
To 1st Nations people, and to a large migrant population –
But since Garth only speaks English,
And the accusation is false,
It is even more of an unjust accusation,
Since that accusation is a lie
Being used to deny Garth his supportive family,
Who have been fighting for his freedom,
Fighting for over 20 years,
Since the time Garth first put up a protest
Put up a protest for us all
For the freedom to refuse psychiatrists,
Which we all should have, if our country was decent
And didn’t make obscene profits from exploiting
Forcibly for lucrative, cruel human research.

Where are the protests for Garth?
Where is the social unrest
At millions of people being subjected
To vile, cruel, exploitative legislation?
Is the population all waiting
For the mainstream-media
And the politician’s say-so to confirm
What victims of psychiatrists, such as Garth, keep saying?
Does the population have no mind of their own?

Garth locked away in a small room
Dosed up with poisons
That cause his heart such distress
That whitecoats measure and milk as well
For the human research findings
That roll-in the grants to test those
Cardiac drugs and procedures –
8 dollars for every dollar invested, they boast –
Until all they inflict on Garth kills him
Then – his death from their abuses
It gets written up as cardiac arrest –
No mention that psychiatrists caused it,
Because they’re medical authorities,
Under the same authorities are those
Who write up the death certificates.
76 thousand people killed last year in Australia
By psychiatric drug prescriptions, and,
These iatrogenic murders – are ignored.

Do not let psychiatrists kill Garth Daniels –
No one deserves to be violently experimented on
Until they die an iatrogenic death from the abuse.
What did Garth do? What did he do?
No one deserves arbitrary detention and torture
Through whitecoat legislative powers
And no way through for social justice.
No one deserves to be tortured and denied
And denied the truth that it is torture.

Bursting at the seams
Of what society won’t tolerate –
Yet still, not a mention on mainstream news,
Lucky enough to get on the 7:30 report –
Which still doesn’t rail against the injustice enough
To gain a gathering of solidarity on the streets
Still no chance for freedom
From 24/7 indefinite torture,
From arbitrary detention,
From violent cruel exploitation
That will kill Garth, if it is not stopped.
Do not let psychiatrists and our government kill Garth Daniels,
Who fought for freedom, freedom ultimately for us all,
Freedom to refuse a psychiatrist’s demands.

How does a society abolish exploitation
When people are violated
Behind authorised closed doors?
 Said to be the authorised doors of care,
 Said to be authorised benevolent management
 Said to be authorised necessity
 Said to be authorised all in good faith.

Garth’s status as a human-being is diminished
By an authorised psychiatrist, who deems Garth
To not have the right to personal autonomy,
Not have the right to refuse what the psychiatrist wants,
To not have a right to human rights.
To not have a right to fight for the human right
To refuse forced psychiatry, that is killing him, painfully killing him.
Fighting for the right to freedom for us all,
Fighting to be free from arbitrary detention –
Every voiced refusal,
Every physical push back
Is noted as aggression –
The concept of self-defence
Is not even permitted.
Any physical response to a nurse’s violation
Any self defence – means Garth is charged with assault
Yet not allowed to plead self-defence
Because the perpetrator’s say he has no ability to communicate,
The perpetrator’s that disable Garth,
By denying his ability to refuse them, then,
Increase their assaults in attempts to shut down
What Garth keeps saying, that he does not consent, will not consent
And what the psychiatrists are doing to him is unlawful.

The outrageous suffering Garth is forced to endure
As psychiatrists stick their instruments and poisons into him.
The outrageous suffering Garth is told that
He must agree is good for him, if he is ever to be free
From arbitrary detention, and on lighter doses of neurotoxins,
Which is not really freedom, not a freedom at all,
And Garth won’t be broken into agreeing to torture –
He has his family on his side, demanding human rights,
That should never be denied.

Persecution of a people
That cannot easily be recognised.
Persecution of the disenfranchised,
Financially, socially, or an oppressed minority –
No one deserves to be a human laboratory specimen,
No one deserves the invasive, cruel intrusion
That psychiatrists inflict for the greed
Of what those who sponsor human research
Will provide the psychiatrists in exchange for the results
Of tests and tests and tests.
Biochemical- electrical research matters –
They’re endless in application, scope and cruelty,
Endless in their pollution of humanity,
Endlessly destructive – and we all pay for
The loss of freedom, that Garth has fought for.

Psychiatrists get the fattest wages for their cruelties,
They get paid more than politicians in the Senate,
Each psychiatrist gets paid half a million from tax-payers every year –
Plus what they procure from pharmaceutical sponsors.

We, the people pay for Garth’s torturers –
And, to do nothing to stop our tax dollars funding that –
Means we are participating in perpetuating a diabolically cruel society.

So many comforts, so simple
That other people don’t often appreciate –
The right to think and say the truth,
The right to decide when and where you go,
But most of all the right to live life
To the fullest – not to be shut down constantly
With chemicals that wreck all abilities –
To think, to dance, to play music, to dream, to work, to have intimacy,
To have a conversation – the right to human decency.

Garth is dehumanised by his government,
That legislates violence and calls it protection.
How can Garth have any trust in society,
That instils that he must not speak out –
 Against violations inflicted
 Against legislation that violates
 And overrides well-understood human rights
 And denies any kind of human dignity.
When speaking out against violators
Meets with more and more violations –
What strength it takes to fight those
That intend to break Garth under their horrific tortures.

Think of Garth Daniels, think of millions more people
Who are subjected to this horrific whitecoat regime
And get the courage while it is still possible – and stop it.
Stop the Mental Health legislation that forces psychiatry,
Stop those who promote this violence as benevolence.
Stop the deaths of people subjected to this horrific torture
Being used to raise funds for more and more abuses
To be inflicted on the disenfranchised,
So that whitecoat wallets grow fatter
And more and more controlling of every aspect of life.

No accusation could excuse what is being inflicted
No so-called scientific data for torture is ever legitimate.

Liberty from this wrongful detention
Liberty from the chemicals that bind, crush and kill
Internal organs and all ability,
And freedom to live life to the full
In the open air, without toxins being injected in.
That’s what Garth Daniels is asking for –
His freedom, is our freedom, because when the law is a crime,
When the law breaches human rights so severely
That people are being exploited so violently –
You do not know who will be next.

– Initially NO

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