Free #Right2Refuse protester Fiona Smith

Australia wants to claim it is a democracy – and yet they silence Fiona, arbitrarily detain her, and subject her to the torturous products, procedures and programs of the MH system.

Fiona was going up to Canberra  for a Rally at Federal Parliament, but was removed from her home on Saturday 28th September, and not even given permission to shower and dress. She has been regularly protesting for the #Right2Refuse psychiatrists’ products, procedures & programs. Fiona has also been active on the #Right2Refuse forced psychiatry for ecological reasons, particularly the killing of platypus, via the excess synthetic chemicals in our waste water that cannot be removed, and end up in the rivers killing river life. Refusing forced psychiatry on behalf of the damage it does to her health, and river life such as platypus

Fiona was also speaking out against child abusers. And speaking the truth about what child abusers, the lack of reparations, and the violent silencing of a friend of hers Courtney Heron by the Mental Health legislated cruelties. Courtney was murdered recently.

Psychiatrists are attempting to attack her on the basis of her email petitioning and her street protests, as well her asserting her rights to find another medico, which she did, to safely withdraw from neuroleptics. Those MH personnel that had her on their list, didn’t want her doing that, and dragged her off forcing their products, procedures and programs on her, forcing her into their beds. It’s disgusting what Mental Health personnel are allowed to do.

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