New work in Absolute Prohibition

What is being done around the world to actually enforce the absolute prohibition of commitment, forced treatment, and substitute decision-making?

How can we judge whether law reform initiatives, or alternatives to psychiatry, are really compliant with CRPD human rights obligations?

How can we connect with others doing similar work, to share ideas, get advice, and collaborate?

What kinds of resources are there to spread the message?

I plan to develop a few pages on this website to share useful information being developed in the campaign.

  1. Indicators
  2. Law reforms – enacted and proposed
  3. Alternative ways of thinking
  4. Alternative practices in mental health
  5. Projects to enforce and promote absolute prohibition
  6. Messaging – art and other materials

If you support absolute prohibition and are interested in joining, you can contact  (Please be aware that it is not always possible to respond immediately.)